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It always happens like this…when I dread going somewhere or doing something more often than not I end up having the time of my life.  I sort of felt that way about attending my 50th class reunion.  I know my husband was not too keen to go, but then our wonderful friends, Jackie and Steve (I went to school with Jackie) went with us.  Steve and Rich entertained each other (and also visited with mutual friends and acquaintances) while Jackie and I mixed and mingled.  It was SO good to see everyone who came.  Some I recognized immediately.  Luckily there were name badges with our senior yearbook pictures on them in case we didn’t remember how we looked.  The organizers did a fantastic job getting this shindig together and everyone seemed to have a really good time sharing with each other.  I know I was worried that I would be older looking, plumper (as opposed to fatter), and generally not as well-weathered as everyone else.  I fretted about what to wear, which black pants would look the best, did I trowel on enough make-up to fill in the wrinkles, did I manage to get all those chin hairs that hung down my neck, and on and on.  I fretted for nothing.  Once we met up with Jackie and Steve, I could tell that we were going to have a great time.  It also probably helped that my horoscope showed five stars that day.  I don’t really put stock in that, but it never hurts to cover all your bases.  It also shows that no matter how many years separate the times you spend with each other, it doesn’t matter.  Jackie and I just picked up where we left all those many years ago and I am so blessed to have her as a forever friend.  Rich and I are blessed to have them both in our lives.  Let’s hope it’s not too long before we see each other face to face again.


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Well, it’s time…I guess…time to realize that we are getting older.  You know when you receive notice that your 50th anniversary of high school graduation is upon you that you are certainly no spring chicken anymore.  That’s what is facing me and my classmates in September…a reunion!  I’ve known that this was coming for a while now and tried to make plans accordingly.  I was going to lose 50 pounds, then it was 25 pounds, then 10 pounds.   Now I’ve decided just to eat and fill out my wrinkles.  Maybe that will be enough to make me seem younger than I am.  I wonder how many of the women will be wearing those “slimming” black pants or dresses; I know I will.   I wonder how many will visit the beauty shop to maximize their assets…doesn’t help me much.  It’s really funny, but you remember your classmates as they were and you know you are NOTHING like you were, so you want to minimize the aging process so that you look better-just like they are going to look.  You just KNOW that your classmates weathered better than you, are going to be much slimmer than you, have fewer wrinkles and more fun stories.  At least that’s what you think before you attend.  Then, you arrive at the reunion and find that everyone has aged 50 years just like you and there’s not a damned thing any of us can do about it.  The guys will probably have “Done Lap Disease”, that’s where their bellies lap over the rest of them…and they were so handsome 50 years ago.  As for me, I will trowel on the makeup, fill in the wrinkles, pat on the preservative and hope for the best.  We women will probably compare our body shapes, apple, pear, triangle to see who is exercising and eating healthy.  I will not be one of those.  I figure at this point it really doesn’t matter much at all, as long as I’m still here.  Rich isn’t too keen on going, but we promised our friends that if Steve went, then Rich would too.  Jackie and I can handle anything, at least up to this point.  We’ll see how we feel the day after.  Lord, I hope they don’t expect us to dance the way we did back when.  If I get all these body parts jiggling too much, I may never be able to stop it…and the image that I have in my mind about that is not to be believed.  Tapping my foot against my cane may be as active as I can manage.  So, I am looking forward to seeing all those lovely girls and handsome guys that live in my spotty memory.  Let’s see how we turned out!

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